Brakfest, Lokeren Hardcore Festival.

Brakfest vzw is an organization founded by 4 guys from Lokeren, Belgium with a passion for organising and hardcore music. They want to combine hardcore bands with a mainstream afterparty, in that way they are appealing to a big audience. What started in 2012 as an optimistic little idea at school has now become a well-known hardcore show in Belgium.

The first edition took place in ‘T-Klub’ in Lokeren and had about 200 attendees. For this venue, it meant that it was sold out! The crew got great reactions and they made plans for a second edition.

For the second edition, Brakfest moved to another location, which has a maximum capacity of over 1300 people. The crew started doing things a bit more professional and they contacted bigger bands (Knuckledust,…) to come over to Belgium and play. The second edition really got a lot of attention and gave the crew the possibility to invest more into their project.

With the third edition, Brakfest III, the 4 friends really put Brakfest on the map in Belgium. They had a sick edition with over a 850 people, including people from France, Holland, Germany and even The United States. They got great feedback from the audience and the bands. All the artists were very pleasantly surprised by the way everything was organised.

Just when things looked so good, they got even better. A big summer festival, The Lokerse Feesten, which also takes place in Lokeren, reached out to Brakfest, inviting them to host an evening at their festival. With the help of The Lokerse Feesten the crew was able to host one of the biggest and best shows in Belgium. All tickets were sold out, great bands played and everybody had a good time!

Shortly after that it was time for Brakfest IV, the crew encountered some problems like headliners canceling and all that, but they still managed to put down a solid show. The afterparty however was a great succes and made sure that everyone there had a great time.